Saturday, 6 August 2011

Taste it instead of Think it.

It's Friday, I'm lazy again and again.
I'm thinking of sleep until afternoon,
but I can't do it.
Because the sun is too bright and the weather is too hot.
So, I just decided to turn on my lappy and started to reply the comments in Facebook.

Moreover, my friends are asking me to go to college.
I'm rejected their invitation.
It is because I'm stay outside longer than inside my house.
I'm afraid later, mom will complain to me again.

After that, I just do my house work.
(Mopping the floor, Clean my house, Take a bath)
Suddenly, I heard my dog kept on barking, I thought who came into my house.
But then, they are Patrick, Reuben, Alex, and Adrian.
All of them came and fetch me to take a lunch together at Paramount Garden.
Unfortunately, there is still a lunch for me. 
(Why I said this?)
In my area, there are no budget restaurant can let me to eat at the lower prices.
So, I need something to cheap and nice to eat.

We went to Snow Flake's at Sunway Giza.
I love it!
A great time with all of them ate a bowl of ice with some appetizers.

At last, we went to Desa Park City.
A great, A nice, A good environment, A silent place to stay to hang out to jogging and to dating.
I think these are all the people want to do.

Finally, my day ended with a good memories.
Snow Flake's, Hang out, Chit Chat and some more.

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