Sunday, 14 August 2011

Yours Mission Failed!

*Nice try~

First, if you said this is my fault.
No, it isn't.

You're failed to flirt my friends or others opposite gender.
There are no such things called wonderful life,
if you are in the recent attitude.
It is because of yours attitude and manner, caused all the people don't like you.

Actually, you make me ignore you since you said want to have the relation.
I just try to accept you,
and think one day you will changed a better one.
You are telling me, when we met?
How long already we had in relationship?
and many more.
That were just a small matter.

I can tell you one thing.
You are no hope,
Stubborn made you lose all the friendship.

As a people, we need to share and care.
But I think these kind of wonderful action.
I won't act in front of you and do to you,
because I never start a relationship with you.
I just treat you as my friend.

Finally, it's ended since you blocked, canceled and deleted me in anywhere.
God Bless You!

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