Tuesday, 13 September 2011

A new experience

I'm thought there is nothing to do, when the announcement of trip cancelled.
But then, sudden plan came out.
It's going to Genting Highland to celebrate Mid Autumn Festival.
Obviously, I had a long time doesn't go there to have fun.
This is a great time and giving me a chance to have fun with friends again.
The first station is taking our dinner at Bumbung Nasi Lemak, Sea Park.

My plan is actually, meet up with Helbert at Gohtong Jaya, because want to buy some stuffs.
Suddenly, KokMing told me, he got everything. 
So, I just cut down the plan to Gohtong Jaya and heading to Genting Highland.
((I forget to tell Helbert, and they are waiting at there.))

Few minutes later, all of us met in the room 4715.
Temperature at there was 19 degree Celsius.
It's cold, but the lanterns are warm.
We played all around, took picture, designed own name by using candle and etc.
It's really fun.

I'm hungry, you're hungry and everyone hungry.
Next, we went to Hailam Kopitiam at First World to take supper.
((DSLR No more Battery)) 
So, there are no photo session.
After that, we are going back to room and play games again.
It's totally fun, fun, and fun!

The next day, we all slept until 11 o'clock.
It's time to eat cup noodle, bath and chit chat in the room before check out on it.
and the room is so mess with all the rubbish and beds.
Sharp 12++ o'clock, we checked out from the room.

Lunch time~

Angry Bird spotted!

Then, I don't know why my finger will injured.
So, I just tell Yu Tan to help me to take a picture, as a proved of injury.

Finally, the marks was 75 only.

Next, we are going to temple and pray.
Out of our plan, we got 6 pieces of Lion Dance Competition ticket, by just answered and played for the games.

Lastly, we took dinner at Gohtong Jaya.
A good restaurant which is offering cheap price with nice foods.
The billed just RM74 deducts a special discount.
So the price goes down to RM69, RM11.5 per person for 6 people.

It's the end of our trip.
Happy time always the rapid past.
I hope you all enjoy with it.

~Happy Mid Autumn Festival~

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