Thursday, 22 September 2011

A Perfect Day.

Although, I'm in a study mood, I'm still need some relax time. So, I went out with my friends. We went to a shopping mall after the morning class. Go to watch a recent hot movie which is "Johnny English Reborn" at Mid Valley Megamall. The online rate for this movie is 9/10 Funny.

After I watched this movie, I rate it as 10/10 for creativity and crazy stupid. I just make a summary of this movie. Johnny English went to Tibet to have a training until he is not fear for any challenging. When he finished, master has offered him a MI7 project. It's about a key and involves of 3 people. The stupid of Johnny English started here. Besides that, the Chinese grandmother really make the movie more interesting. She is spying Johnny English from the first key until third key and there are few times Johnny English mistakes punch the innocent women instead of the spy. Next, the three keys also lost from English's hand to the bad people. I thought either a key to open a box that contains of million million dollar, nor it is a box that contain a cylinder of chemical liquid. Lastly, English also won and killed him by using a high technology umbrella, "T2". The End.

The cinema was so cold and I kept my hand inside the cloth. Next, friends and I am searching for food because we not yet take our lunch. Patrick and Reuben ate Shilin Happy Mealbox, then KokMing and I ate Sushi King. Obviously, Patrick and Reuben, are queue-ing to buy the Snow Flake's, but KokMing and I went to enjoy our lunch at Sushi King. Then, all of them go to my home and play Monopoly and eat Snow Flake's too. I am very happy because I won with RM39460. That's all, to be continue for next post. Thanks
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