Monday, 5 September 2011

Work never the worst.

Since, the semester break is too long.
I'm working to gain more money.
I should take this opportunity to learn more and to rest.
Cause time and money won't wait me.
Otherwise, I am going to get them.

By the way, my holiday started on 27 August 2011.
I am having few days holiday and then I went to work for 1 week,3 days.
It is suffering but interesting.
Sometimes, the customer are moody and some of my colleague get scolded.
Obviously, I'm also the one get scold because of a plastic bag. =.=
Damn She!

Yesterday, is the last day for Malaysia ITFAIR PC Expo 2011.
I like it.
I love it.
I wish to be the event crew too.
Because they are walking around to guide the people, to check the secure and to helps people.
Finally, I'm still working at InnoSupply booth.
But I am happy with it!

Thank you Mr. Wong~ ^^
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