Friday, 14 October 2011

About Mole People's.

       I just take a look with many journal and blog which are related to the "Mole People". Do you know what is Mole People?, How they look likes?, What language do they speaks?, Where are they come from? and many more. Actually, I am very interested with this topic. Unfortunately, my mind force me to check this out and let take a look with this picture. Then, you will start you researching about the Mole People.

What did you see?
A beautiful woman with a pair of big eyes.

How about this? What did you see?
A big eyes monster with nose and big claws.

       The second picture on above is one of the Mole People picture which I found on the internet. They are living underneath of 20 miles at United States and the height of Mole People is about 8 to 10 feets. It's totally higher than me and most of the people in the world. They lives like a human on the earth, they plant and they produce food too, and they don't know how to speak in English, but they got their own language. Obviously, a worker from NASA was killed by the Mole People in an accident at US. So, due to the accident, a person from NASA didn't keep the news and then he/she spoke to public to let the world know it. Otherwise, it will be keep forever and ever. 

       So what do you think of the Mole People which is living underneath the earth. Let's think together.
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