Friday, 7 October 2011

Patrick Birthday Celebration.

The day after his birthday.
It's not too late to celebrate his birthday since is just the day after.
We planned it and him got owned.
I sent a picture through Facebook to him on 1 October 2011, 
The picture is regarding to a cake that made from Baskin Robbin which is what he request from us.
It's Hello Kitty's Birthday Cake.
So cute and Pinky.
Maybe is the first time he receive such a cake.

Next, on 3 October 2011.
We are going back to college for class as usual.
He don't know about the celebration.
But others has ready up to celebrate with him at Mac Donald's, PJ Old Town.
It is time to take lunch.
So, we went to Mac Donald's, PJ Old Town.
Although, it just a small branch of Mac Donald's.
It's so many people taking their lunch at there.
Besides that, Reuben and I were trapped in the car for 6 to 7 turns to find a parking lot.
Unfortunately, we found it and go to buy a cake for him.
Then, we ate the burger together and sang birthday song to him in public.
(People around are looking at us.)
Shy~ But fun.

Besides that, instead of buying Hello Kitty's cake, we bought a Daisy Duck's sugar model and put on the cake as a decoration, to make it more tasty and more cutie.
Fortunately, the message on the top also as special as we can.
So, we wrote "Happy Birthday! Pat Pat".
"Pat Pat"

Obviously, KokMing started a cake cream war as what is shown in the picture below.
Then, one by one get polish of cream by Patrick.
After everyone face got oily cream, now he start to laugh.
Besides that, Yu Tan said "Don't Play Play oh".
Lastly, we took a picture with Yu Tan car licence.
Then, Patrick and Reuben are going back to class at college and the rest are going back home.

That's all...

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