Wednesday, 16 November 2011

The Pinky Birthday

Kenzor Tan Happy Birthday
*Pinky Lady & Pinky Gentleman*


       Last month friends and I went to play bowling at Subang Summit. We took our lunch at SS3.
Nasi Ayam.

After that, we are heading to the destination at Subang. There are so many cars on the road and the sun was so bright. Unfortunately, the car air conditional was break down and we are sweating on the way to there. Haiz...

Anyways, we still arrived to the destination and played a few match of Bowling. I'm still noob and noober now. The Score as below.

That's all... 

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Penang Haji Holiday

       Last week, I spend a 2 days 1 night in the bus and outside of the bus, not even sleep well. I'm tired in the trip at Penang. I'm sit at the front and the bus seat is too small. I can't turn left and right, if I do, it will caused other inconvenient. So, I just sit without movement. A good experience in the bus, because I never bath for a day. I snapped few pictures inside the bus before it move.

Around 2a.m: We arrived to Ipoh. So, I ate a bowl of curry mi and a cup of Milo.

After that, continue our journey to the north (Penang Island).
At 6.00a.m, we arrived to a restaurant and waiting for "Sifu" fetch us to the hill.
A little pinky girl looking at the camera.

The pity dog.

Then, we went back to the restaurant and take our breakfast.
I had a big breakfast and Patrick had a plate of vegetarian mi.

Luckily, I'm cancelled the order of that mi. No nice at all. haha...
Next, the tourist guide brought us to the biggest temple in Peninsular Malaysia.
I forget what named is it. But sure you all know it, when saw this picture.

On the way walking up to this temple, there are many stalls that selling cloths, souvenir and etc.
I bought 2 cloths at there and took a lot of pictures as well.

The turtles are so big and hard. I'm wondering how old are them. It's a good question for you guys.
Finally, we reached half of Kek Lok Si. "Cake??" Just Kidding. hehe...

We have only 1 hour in this visit and then need to moved to another destination which is Bukit Bendera.
This is my first visit also. I'm happy to visiting with you all.
This trip contains of 40persons which came from different background.
So, I can get a lot of ideas from them. ^^
Then, Bukit Bendera is not only existing in Penang but exists in tourism states such as Sabah, Selangor and etc.
It is because World War II.

The train moving so fast when going down from the hill.
It's around 12.00p.m and time to take lunch!

I like it! The Chili and Fried Chicken, So Delicious!!!
I hope to eat once more.
But I need to saves money. Haiz...
Unfortunately, the bus and tourist guide don't know how go to a famous Wah Tai Sdn. Bhd, they brought us go round and round and round between the sea side and Gurney Drive Plaza. At that time, I'm really angry and want to scold him. But I didn't do that. Luckily, he found it. If not, whole car gonna kick him out of the bus.
At 2.30p.m, we leaving from Penang Island to Ipoh.
On the way, all of us sleeping tight and listening to stories.

Finally, we arrived to this restaurant.

All people just waiting for this big meal. So Delicious...

End with a bowl of Longan.


So, everything checked... Time to going back to Kuala Lumpur.
We arrived to Home around 10.30p.m.
Home Sweet Home!!!

You can found all the pictures at this Website!

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