Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Steamboat with friends.

       First I would like to thank Mr. Wong to spend us a big meal at Restaurant Yuen Steamboat Buffet.
this thing placed at outside of the restaurant to measure height and the price.
I'm RM24 and in the red zone.

All of us went into the small elevator and just realized that its only can fill up of 5 persons.

So Lame~~


All of us took so much of foods and drinks in the rest of night.

This is what happen when the time CHICKEN WINGS is being served.

Yeah! we get a plate of Chicken Wings.
Chicken Wing, So Delicious.

A Star!

Group Photo again...

Desert time.
Mixed Flavor Ice Cream

The Day Model (Cassy)

The Day Model. (YanXian)

Muscle Women and Men

"Yukee" What are you doing?

2nd Group Photo.

The girls was showing their unusual facial expression on the night and begging somebody to take the chicken wings from the crowded.

Waiting of the TRIP!!! ^^
Pulau KUKUP!?
Let me know it...
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