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It's time to say good bye to 2011. It's not a bad years, because I got my beloved accessories on time. I love it. I think it love me too.
我现在的心情真的很不相时间过得这么得快。 Haiz...

Melaka Trip

每一次,有Mood的时候才能写Blog. 因为有时不知道要写什么。
今天我要分享,去马六甲的Trip. I thought, I can tastes all the nice foods at Melaka. But it is impossible due to many types of obstacle. Obviously, friends and I was play in A Famosa Water Park. One Word: Dirty Second Word: Not Big Enough Third Word: The People Are Not Friendly A Theme Park should presented in a friendly and hygienic conditional. Between the services are sucks too.
Next, I hope to own a lot of the condominium that we lives for first day. It's too comfortable, as what I told, if I own and I would like to invites all to have party together. We felt good in there, We only don't like the "smell" at night time! Which smell I am telling? It's a stinky and not comfortable smell which came from anonymous direction.
A Famosa
Kindly, find a tourist guide for food hunting for your own good. Although, we heard so much of good cuisine at Melaka. But it's not easy to check them out in the small town. Besides that, I queued up in front of Kedai Kopi Chung …

Ask Me Ask Me!!!


I'm wanna go to Trip soon啦!!! 我快要去旅游啦!!! 我很开心又可以和朋友们去玩啦。 上一个Semester的假期, 我们都没有去那里,这是在家里看电视和玩电脑。 所以, 我们不可以再错过这一次的机会了。 就去马来半岛很有名的马六甲。 吃喝玩乐吧。
买东西,吃东西,买东西,吃东西。 希望会玩到很够力。 希望大家健健康康。 希望没人泻肚子咯。
FUN FUN FUN!!! 9 Hours Start From Now!!! See You Guys Later...


还有一天, 我就要面对最后一张的考试。 有好的,有坏的。 说好还是坏先呢?
最后我想分享一下。 今天姐姐买了Durian, 好吃到。。。 让你也可以一起感受一下。 透过我拍下的图片。


我只想说“我很闷”。 我很闷 我很闷 我很闷 我很闷 我很闷啊。。。。

第五个Sem的考试. (2)

~~~ 第一个东西就 ~~~
想到考试, 就会想到读书, 想到读书, 就想到很闷, 想到很闷, 就想到面子书, 开了面子书, 就看到很多东西, 看了很久, 就想要睡觉, 睡觉后, 起来了, 什么都不懂。
下个星期的Software Engineering大考, 我都不懂可不可以, 拿到好成绩。 天啊,请你给我一点Tips吧。


从昨天, 我才认真起来. 拿起书,读到两点多. 还好,之后睡觉了. 如果不是今天就爬不起来了.
问我考到怎样? 因该还好吧...
现在要休息了... Byebye...

Scheduled (Fulled)

I'm back. I thought it was only dream. I would like to thanks everyone viewing my page and leave a comment in the message box. This is a good opportunity to you all and I to express a message to the world and for me. Let talk back to the topic. 
       Last week, I went to Genting with my friends and we played some games. The game is like that, 8 persons divided to 4 groups which are 2 persons per group and the 3 winners will be adding something to the instant noodle. So, the loser must eat instant noodle that added things inside and this game conduct using the "Cho Dai Di" rules and regulations. Unfortunately, I'm the organizer of this game and I am the first group to taste those disgusting and smelly instant noodle. KokMing and I am unlucky, want to eat such coffee, oat and chilli sauce noodle. I can't imagine their feeling when they are putting such material into the noodle and stir it. Yucks...!  And then, Mike and KwongWei tasted the coffee, powder inst…

Working before the exam.

想想下, 这一年来,我做了那么多的工. 每一次做了,都会很累. 回到家第一件事, 就是冲凉还有休息. Haiz... 这一次也不例外吧. 怎的很闷吧. (=.=)
几天后就是我的大考. 我不懂要读什么, 还有,我读了也好像没读这样. 干脆不读就算了吧. Haiz... 生活真难过.

Time to Say December!!!

People said time won't wait people, It's only people rush for time. Then what are you doing right now? It's already December, You still dreaming in the wonderland or working to reach your's goal? Don't Dream, Just do for your future. Don't Ask, Just do for your Future. Don't Sit, It won't help you anything. Good man will always be smart and be rich. So, What are you waiting for? Happy December 2011!!!