Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Melaka Trip


I thought, I can tastes all the nice foods at Melaka.
But it is impossible due to many types of obstacle.
Obviously, friends and I was play in A Famosa Water Park.
One Word: Dirty
Second Word: Not Big Enough
Third Word: The People Are Not Friendly
A Theme Park should presented in a friendly and hygienic conditional.
Between the services are sucks too.

Next, I hope to own a lot of the condominium that we lives for first day.
It's too comfortable, as what I told, if I own and I would like to invites all to have party together.
We felt good in there, We only don't like the "smell" at night time!
Which smell I am telling?
It's a stinky and not comfortable smell which came from anonymous direction.

A Famosa

Kindly, find a tourist guide for food hunting for your own good.
Although, we heard so much of good cuisine at Melaka.
But it's not easy to check them out in the small town.
Besides that, I queued up in front of Kedai Kopi Chung Wah.
Don't think we are going to queue so long for the coffee or taste the roast bread.
Nevermind if you don't know how to read Chinese.
There are cross over for this board which is Chinese X Malay.
Unfortunately, they are serving Famous Hainan Chicken Ball Rice.
Can you imagine it? Still Can't, it's okay...
So delicious...
Try it when you going to Melaka.
This Kedai Kopi just beside the river and Christ Church.

Christ Church!!


I Cily... (Sugar Free)

After that, we back to Kajang and ready for climb Broga Hill.
Besides that, we took a big meal at the night.

Highly Recommended.
Before going to sleep, all of us are having a pillow and blanket war.
But end up with "HOT" & "TIRED".
Laugh Out Loud...

Last Day...
Climb Broga Hill.
So, this is the welcoming frog of Broga Hill.
With LOVE oh...
See clear in it's hand.

The 3 achiever on the peak of Broga Hill.

The 4 achiever on the 3rd point of Broga Hill.


Broga Hill!!

Next, we went to eat breakfast at Broga Hill Town.
"Gon Nao Lou Shu Fen"

So miss the time...
That's all...
Hope you all healthy and wealthy...
All the best in your life...

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