Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Scheduled (Fulled)

       I'm back. I thought it was only dream. I would like to thanks everyone viewing my page and leave a comment in the message box. This is a good opportunity to you all and I to express a message to the world and for me. Let talk back to the topic. 

       Last week, I went to Genting with my friends and we played some games. The game is like that, 8 persons divided to 4 groups which are 2 persons per group and the 3 winners will be adding something to the instant noodle. So, the loser must eat instant noodle that added things inside and this game conduct using the "Cho Dai Di" rules and regulations. Unfortunately, I'm the organizer of this game and I am the first group to taste those disgusting and smelly instant noodle. KokMing and I am unlucky, want to eat such coffee, oat and chilli sauce noodle. I can't imagine their feeling when they are putting such material into the noodle and stir it. Yucks...! 
And then, Mike and KwongWei tasted the coffee, powder instant noodle. The next 2 rounds Patrick and Reuben was lose, they consumed milo and double curry powder instant noodle. Besides that, the milo instant noodle was not a problem to Patrick, because he was a milo addiction. 


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