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Time to get serious.

Actually, I thought I am getting back to study mode, but the reality I am still in the holiday mode. Haiz... I went to the first class with many expectation. I have did all the works that lecturer gave last weeks, cause I'm in Sandakan. Besides that, I just realize in this Chinese New Year holiday's, I doesn't do any research of my assignment and yet I don't know how to do the assignment all the way. Seriously, it should be done 50% at this moment. Time to get back to work. Antony Lim... ^^

新年... :)

I'm back to say hallo with you all. In this Chinese New Year, I have learned and saw a lot of things. Therefore, I hope to share with you all and also be a memories of my life. Be a friend is easy, but remain the friendship is the tough matter. A family should be harmony and lovely, and not to be mad and full with evil thinking. To be love and as love as much you that you can gives.
It's reminding me about the time, I'm still a 9 years old children. My grandmother always bring tidbits for me every visits to my home. But the moment is just too short, nothing was leave when she passed away. Its only memories that I had with her.
Besides that, grandmother in-law is still alive. Although, she doesn't treat so well as my grandmother, but we are treating she as best as we can. We are one family. So, everyone are now serving the best that we can to keep the traditional of Chinese people. We respects the elder, we supports every family members.
Between, I'm met my hometown friends during…

Gathering with friends

Feel so good meeting everyone in this Chinese New Year. 是我想太多, 想不好的. 但是, 昨天晚上和朋友去了看戏. 去了看I Love Hong Kong 2! 我们都觉得"Okay,Okay"咯. 没什么好看.
后来,我们就去了四里吃东西. 吃山打根人都吃过的食物. 猜到了吗? 就是干酪面. 虽然味道有些不一样,但是很好吃...
新年快乐... 万事如意...