Friday, 30 March 2012


Let's I starting a premium Sandakan picture's for you...

The English Tea House & Restaurant

The Night View of Sandakan Town

The Night View of Sepilok Nature Resort

The Night View of Mile 4, Prima Square, Sandakan

The Berhala Island, Sandakan

The Lankayan Island, Sandakan

The Turtle Island, Sandakan

The Sunset View of Sandakan Town

The Mark's Lodge, Bandar Indah, Sandakan

The Star Cineplex Cinema, Sandakan

Saint Michael Church, Sandakan

Sandakan Airport

Gateway of entrance Puu Jih Sih Temple, Sandakan



Tuesday, 27 March 2012

My Generation

I'm here...
Never away from my blog...
My followers and supporter just be patient.
I'm sorry for so long doesn't been updated my blog.

Sometimes, patient could bring you better result and better performance. Today, I watch a short video that shared from my friend. It's a meaningful short video which related to 90's children childhood moment. It's a pure Malaysian short video, consisting of many childhood games, things that we will do during class or after class, noob things and etc. The short video named as "My Generasi", "Generasi" is meaning Generation in English. Let's enjoy the video with me also.

I am sure, you are the same feeling with me. I am sure, this short video reminder you a lot of primary school or secondary school moments. I hope you all enjoyed and shared this!!! As is a supporting for Malaysian Product! 


Friday, 16 March 2012

Different Car Different Age.


Since we born, took a baby car,
Childhood moments, ride a bicycle,
When we growth as an adult, drives an owned car,
Car that took on older period not the least is an ambulance,
And then, human will ended their car rides on an dead car.

What do you think of this??

@ A speech from a movie "On Call 36 Hours".@


I'm boring.
What to say?
Today, my gold fish had die.
I'm not sure what is going on just now?
But it was dead.

Thursday, 15 March 2012

My Birthday ( Night)

Let's continue the story of my birthday...

Actually, the plans of the night is playing badminton with Mike Lim and meeting friends with Helbert Lim.
But these were a virtual sports and meeting friends in Overtime SS15, Subang.

((First Round)) 8P.M++
Don't ask! Just continue reading...
Helbert Lim have received a call from Patrick Lim.
Then, he is asking me to meet Patrick Lim in front of my house.
As I know, he is studying in Nilai on that day and impossible to come Petaling Jaya.
I'm thought he is joking with me.
Suddenly, somebody is knocking my house door.
So, I went to open it.
They are standing in front of me and singing the birthday song to me.
I believe there is something gonna happens later.
It is smashing cream on birthday boy face.
and it is not a dreams.
They really did that to me.
So lame...

It's me.

Remnants of creams...

I tried to find them after they smashed the cream, but it's hard for me.
I try to find them outside of my house, but can't find them.
So, I give up.
Next, I go to take a bath.
Later on, Helbert and I went to meet up with friends.

((Second Round)) 8.45P.M++
I'm own by Helbert Lim.
It is because he told me to meet up with his friends and then go to play badminton with Mike Lim.
Unfortunately, Patrick, Reuben, KokMing, Mike, Ron, Shadow are waiting us in Overtime SS15, Subang.

((Third Round)) X.XXP.M++
Dut Dut Dut....
I'm drunk~

Monday, 5 March 2012

My Birthday ( Morning)

27th of February,2012

It's Monday.
I wore a formal outfit.

I'm "HANDSOME" or not?
Thank you for those say "Yes" and also "No".
Because your opinion was a force to push me to the top.

Next, I went to the class as usual.
There are only few of my classmates in the class.
They were greeted me a welcome message " Happy Birthday".
I am very happy and gave them a firm handshake.
So, the class finished on time and everyone started to clean the things on table.

Then, I went second floor to find Adrian.
As waiting of him, we are sitting in front of Antony Chong table's and playing with his IPad's.

1 hour later, Adrian had fetch me go home....

And then, continue in the next post...

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