Monday, 5 March 2012

My Birthday ( Morning)

27th of February,2012

It's Monday.
I wore a formal outfit.

I'm "HANDSOME" or not?
Thank you for those say "Yes" and also "No".
Because your opinion was a force to push me to the top.

Next, I went to the class as usual.
There are only few of my classmates in the class.
They were greeted me a welcome message " Happy Birthday".
I am very happy and gave them a firm handshake.
So, the class finished on time and everyone started to clean the things on table.

Then, I went second floor to find Adrian.
As waiting of him, we are sitting in front of Antony Chong table's and playing with his IPad's.

1 hour later, Adrian had fetch me go home....

And then, continue in the next post...
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