My Birthday ( Night)

Let's continue the story of my birthday...

Actually, the plans of the night is playing badminton with Mike Lim and meeting friends with Helbert Lim.
But these were a virtual sports and meeting friends in Overtime SS15, Subang.

((First Round)) 8P.M++
Don't ask! Just continue reading...
Helbert Lim have received a call from Patrick Lim.
Then, he is asking me to meet Patrick Lim in front of my house.
As I know, he is studying in Nilai on that day and impossible to come Petaling Jaya.
I'm thought he is joking with me.
Suddenly, somebody is knocking my house door.
So, I went to open it.
They are standing in front of me and singing the birthday song to me.
I believe there is something gonna happens later.
It is smashing cream on birthday boy face.
and it is not a dreams.
They really did that to me.
So lame...

It's me.

Remnants of creams...

I tried to find them after they smashed the cream, but it's hard for me.
I try to find them outside of my house, but can't find them.
So, I give up.
Next, I go to take a bath.
Later on, Helbert and I went to meet up with friends.

((Second Round)) 8.45P.M++
I'm own by Helbert Lim.
It is because he told me to meet up with his friends and then go to play badminton with Mike Lim.
Unfortunately, Patrick, Reuben, KokMing, Mike, Ron, Shadow are waiting us in Overtime SS15, Subang.

((Third Round)) X.XXP.M++
Dut Dut Dut....
I'm drunk~

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