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Back to School

I'm back from 3 continuous trips with friends. It's time for study again. My college has just reopen and my classes are starting on this week. This semester, I'm taking about 2 courses and 1 final project. Fortunately, I will be officially graduate after finished this semester. I'm hope everything goes fine and my parent can come to visit me in the graduation ceremony. Hurray!! Happy School Reopen!!! :)


这一次要飞的地方,是我很久很久没去的地方. 我说这沙巴的首都, Kota Kinabalu, Jesselton. 爽啊...
KK请等我... 再多几个小时,朋友和我就会坐飞机过去了. 哈哈~

Penang Trip @May 2012

Wow... It's Holiday again. Friends and I am planning to go to Penang, Malaysia. This is the first trip that we went 327KM far from Kuala Lumpur and I'm drove for 5 to 6 hours on the day we go to Penang.  It's very tired because everyone sleeping while on the way to Penang, but except the driver. A good experience ever in my life.
Penang Ferry, Penang Bridge @ Penang
We are unable check in to the hotel because it is too early. So, we are just dropped our luggage in the hotel and left to Penang Island. 第一天,我们就坐船过去槟岛.

去到人家的城市,第一件事就要去拜拜现. Guan Yin Teng, Penang Island
我对拜拜的Order不是很好. 幸好与到个婆婆,她教我真么样拜拜. 学到了,要从外面拜到里面. 拜拜后,我们就去走街吧.
Gurney Drive, Penang Island
我很开心可以在槟城买到Zoom Lens给我的相机. 这样,我就可以拍远远的风景了吧. 哈哈哈...
然后,就去玩具博物馆. 那里有很多很多的玩具,从旧到新都在那里可以看到. 有些很恐怖,有些很可爱,有些我都不知道是什么玩具来的.
如果要看完全部的玩具,请你按More Picture. 当我们在玩具博物馆里的WC. 看见一个很特别的东西.