Thursday, 10 May 2012

Melaka Trip @May 2012

I need a rest during the weekend of the exam period.
So, friends and I went to a trip at Melaka, Malaysia.
They are totally funny and friendly.
I am very happy in this trip.
First and foremost, we are stayed at Queenspark Hotel.

It's a nice hotel, but got a weird room design ever.
After check in to the room, we went to take supper at Capitol Satay Celup Restaurant near Jalan Newton.

As a reminder, this queue made us wait for around an hour long before getting into the table and eat the foods.
But if you are photographer, please just take your time to capture some fantastic photo at this time.

or just take out your mobile phone and play a game.

Just like what are she did right there.
It is waiting for long time, but it is worthy.
The taste of celup is so delicious and tasty.

with such tasty satay sauce.

with cold herbal drinks.

with so many option of foods.
You must try it, take every one of them and if you took a large portion, the restaurant will automatically sends you another hidden foods which are abalone, big tiger prawns, oyster and etc.
Nice Offer!!! The hidden foods as the same price as the normal foods which is 90 cents per sticks.
Really Worthy!!!

All of us are so full.
Therefore, we are heading to ChristChurch as an exercise walk out.

The Red Church @ Melaka
 The Memorial Place @ Melaka

Finally, we went back hotel and got to bed.

The Second Day

Everyone went into my room in the earlier of morning and morning call friend and I to take breakfast in the ground floor.
It's too early and I can't really wake up to eat breakfast.
Then, we went back room in order and take a bath before checking out from the hotel.

Before check out from the hotel.
Packing bag and let's go and hunt Melaka town.

Taming Tower @ Melaka

Nadeje @ Melaka

Fort @ Melaka

Ancient Tree @ Melaka

Famosa Chicken Rice Ball @ Melaka

Juice in Bottle 60' @ Melaka

Famous Cendol @ Melaka

Nyonya Foods @ Melaka

Unfortunately, we walk until evening and then we are going back Subang Jaya to take our korean cuisine dinner.

 DaoRae Restaurant @ Taipan, Subang

The End!!!
Enjoyable Trip to Melaka.
Found a weapon and named it as "SPIDER"

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