Friday, 20 July 2012

3 days 2 nights at Kota Kinabalu

Guys and Gals, How are you?
In this post, I am going to share you my planning for Kota Kinabalu Trip.
This could be yours schedule to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.
So here we go,

The Schedule for Kota Kinabalu Trip.

There are 5 persons in this trip and my father drove a Proton Wira to make the trip successful without any time delays.

17 May 2012
Please remember be hydrate and hydrated on the plane.

While waiting for the time to get board, friends and I were have a drink at Old Town White Coffee, LCCT.

Yeah! It's time to on board.

Arrived to KKIA 

and then go Tanjung Aru, Kota Kinabalu to take supper. 
After that, check in hotel that we booked.(Tune Hotel)
~Good Nights~

18 May 2012
Morning & Afternoon: Take breakfast near 1Borneo, then heading to Kundasang, Kundasang War Memorail, Sabah Tea Plantation, Poring Hot Spring, Tagal Sungai Moroli, Kampung Luanti - Fish Massage.
Night: We were decided going back to Kota Kinabalu Town and stay for a night…
Tuaran Pagoda
Tuaran Town
 Tamparuli Hang Bridge
 Mount Kinabalu views from Tamparuli
 The UpsideDown House Borneo
 Mount Kinabalu views from near Kundasang
 Kinabalu Park
 Play some posing picture.
 Kinabalu Park
 Kundasang Town
 Kundasang War Memorial
 Ranau Hot Spring
 Mount Kinabalu views from Kundasang
 The UpsideDown House Borneo
 The UpsideDown House Borneo

19 May 2012
Morning: Take breakfast near Gaya Street, then heading to Jesselton Jetty. (Remember to prepare for your lunch before getting to Island.)
Afternoon: Snorkeling at Mamutik Island and Manukan Island. 
Night: check in hotel that we booked.(Tune Hotel)
 Breakfast Brunch 生肉面
Counter in Jesselton Jetty
 Mamutik Island
 Lunch, Manukan Island
 Kota Kinabalu Welcome You!
 Jesselton Point Jetty
Heading to the Island
 Mamutik Island
 Manukan Island
 Manukan Island
 Manukan Island Jetty
 Speed Boat for going back to mainland
 Jesselton Point
 Suria Sabah
Yayasan Sabah

20 May 2012
Morning: Take breakfast near 1Borneo, then heading to Gaya Street.
Afternoon: Go to Lok Kawi Wildlife Park, Shopping and buying stuffs
Night: Going back to Kuala Lumpur.

Gaya Street
Local HandCraft
Local Coffee Bean
Gaya Street

 Local HandCraft
 Monument of Malaysia Day in Kota Kinabalu
 Municipal Council of Kota Kinabalu
 A Restaurant near Taman Bandaraya
 Lok Kawi Wildlife Park
 Hamtaro, Guinea Pig
 Animal Show
 Orang Utan
Borneo Sun Bear
 Borneo Tiger
Proboscis Monkey
 Lok Kawi Welcome You
 Tanjung Aru Beach
 Tanjung Aru
 Tanjung Aru Sunset views
 Tanjung Aru
 Tanjung Aru
 Sinsuran Night Market / Philippines Night Market
 Sea Grapes
 Last Meal in Kota Kinabalu
 HandCraft Market near the Sinsuran Night Market
Local Product Market

Have a Nice Trip!!! : )

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