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I am happy to say, I got a work. I should be the lucky one.
In the afternoon, I just received a call from HR Department. A pretty ladies just asked me when can I start to work. So, I very thankfully answered her, can I start my work on next week. Hurray~ I have no worry again. I just got my first job after the Diploma course at Olympia College. I hope this will be my correct path as my target is getting nearer and nearer. Thank you to my friend as he introduce me into this company.
And I am waiting for my graduation day!!!
Thanks... That's all...

十大Charity Concert


下雨天, Rainy's Day

下午时,突然天黑黑和吹起大风. 过了不久,就下起大雨了. 我很喜欢下雨天. 为什么? 因为太冷太爽了吧.
但是,打雷了. 我就突然很想拍下雨还有打雷的照片.

看得懂,我在写什么吗? 我在写成功一定会有很多的失敗. 所以,终有一天人人都会成功的吧.
谢谢大家. Thanks for reading... :)



BSN Marathon 2012

Konnichiwa gozaimasu minasan... Ogenkidesuka?
Do you know about Japanese language? Hey, nevermind if you are not knowing it, it is about "Hi, How are you guys?".
Thanks for coming back here and for first time check into my blog. Last week I just went to join a marathon at Putrajaya. What it is so good? 1. The marathon is organized at night time which everyone is going to sleep, but i am running for medal. 2. First experience of running at night with my best friends. 3. We all got our own marathon medal. 4. While marathon I was all along with sweat, water, mindset, walking and running.
I am tired and my leg started pain on two days after event. I have no idea, why my leg is not paining on the day after. Can anybody tell me? Besides that, I am earning so much in this marathon.
Sport is not only for health but also for lives more longer! What are you waiting for? SPORT!!!
PutrajayaBridge BSN Marathon Medal
                                MY GANG!!!�������������������…

It's October!!!

Hey guys, how are you? I'm been waiting for so long to be freedom from study and start my job.
Actually, I just went interview at a company, which is offering me a good package. I think this was just a starting of everything I got from my Diploma course. I thought it would be what I think in the interview session. But eventually it is another thing, I hope it was only a started.
Besides that, my result just published by yesterday. I am not satisfied with it and pretty sad of it. I want to get straight grade and I only get two A's and one B's. It's not a bad result, but also not consider as an excellent result.
Between, I just ended my Diploma course in two and a half years time.
That's all...
See you~