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Just felt to be stress.
what kind of thing myself stress for?
I'm not sure.
Feel not so free and not so good.


我终是觉得怪怪的. 不明白,不懂,也不知道怎么问. 话也说少了. 问题是... 不说这个. Erm...
我以为没事了, 但是,问题就还存在. 希望我可以问道,拿到还有知道怎样去改变. 不想再这样过下去. 感觉很不好. 在我脑理一这提醒自己. 不要想太多. 就做好自己就算了. 但是我心理就不是想象中那么坚强. 所以,不开心. 但依然我会对你笑. 因为我不想你不开心.
你我不开心的事. 情忘了吧. 我不懂自己有没有写错字. 想说对不起和原谅我吧.
我写了. 也不懂你看不看到,想要对你说. 三个字.

对不起... :'(

My Pet

Fishes, Colorful and Redesigned.

A free day

A free stress, A free of work, A free of rush... I can do whatever activities I want. I can sleep for whole day like a pig. I can eat with no time limit. I can be a no stress day. No email and No any.
I should be a freedom guy now. But I can't without a thing. That's ___. ❤


1 months of permenant job

Konnichiwa minasan... Ogenkidesuka?
It's a month of working at Japanese based company. I have yet to earn much knowledge in IT Helpdesk. Be a good and knowledgeable IT Professional guy is not as easy as I thought. I have tried and be the best in my workstation. But sometimes the work will be mess up at the end. Be calm Be social and Teamwork will be the key to success.
There are no other way to be independent in a work. Work alone or Work with a team? Let me describe a story to make this easy to understand.
Teacher asked a student to break a chopstick. Student have took a chopstick and break it easily. Teacher asked a student to break 10 chopsticks. Student have took 10 chopsticks and the student can't even break 1 of the chopstick. In this lesson, teamwork always better than work alone.
Obviously, this work is my dream work. I wishes so much as IT Professional in my life. It's a good starting in this company.
Thank you for giving me a chance to work at here.