Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Digi RM50 Promo " Alcatel" Phone

A sudden plan to Pikom PC Fair April 2013. 
A day will be bright by beginning with a big breakfast.
So, I ordered a set breakfast at only RM6.90 at Suria KLCC Food Court.
As below picture. Scramble Egg, Nuts, Bread with Butter and a cup of coffee.

This was so awesome. I get my "Alcatel " phone at only RM50 in Pikom PC Fair April 2013.
It's totally worth and best.
I have used it for few weeks and it doesn't giving me a single problem.
(If you are not a heavy duty user)
This phone is so suits to you.

Anyways, there are few requirements need to be done before you can apply to this phone.
  • must be within 21 to 30 years old.
  • Malaysian citizen.
  • Monthly gross income must not more than RM3000.
Obviously, this phone will be a virgin phone which needed you to call DiGi to get a "Sim ME Lock"  number to unlock it. Its means you can only use DiGi number once you get this phone.

Tips: ||If you bought it||

If you really want to use your current contact number on this phone.
Please dial DiGi helpline ( 016 2211 800 ), helpline will be available 24 hours. 
Provide the Imei code of your phone to the Helpdesk person and to exchange a "Sim ME Lock" of yours Alcatel phone.

"Just in case you forgotten
Please be prepared a piece of paper, a pen and the Imei code.

Malaysia 13th General Election

Guys and gals...
Please make your valuable vote to be worthy.
Malaysia needs yours valuable vote.
A vote is equivalent to a hope.

If you have question on where you gonna vote?
You can check it through the below website.

and its look like this.

5 days lefts....

Malaysia needs you...
Vote for yours future...
Vote for the next generation...

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Bon Odori 2011

A day hang out with college mate to a Japanese Event happening in Malaysia.
It's not under control and people are totally made up our day.
Around 10 persons out of 40 people in the list have went to the Bon Odori 2011.

Before the trip to the event, Vivian and I was waiting others at the 7 floors of Pan Global Building.

These are us, the only people went to Bon Odori with a huge bus.

 We are arrived to the Stadium and time to start hunt of foods!!!

Octopus!!! My favourite... when come to sushi... 

People wore Yukata

The dancing stage. 

Just for your information, please take a seat before you go to get your foods.
The stadium have no enough seat to fit so much of people.
So, please be inform take a seat first. 

Girls in Yukata...

Group Photo.

The show gonna be start soonest. 

At the end, a group photo as a signature of the event. 

Bon Odori 2011 @ AntonyLimBlogspot

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