Saturday, 13 April 2013

3 days 2 nights Bali Trip 2013

Do you planning for a 3 days 2 nights Balinese Trip?
Here is one of the things that you needs.
I have purchase an Airasia air ticket as my transport to Bali.

Before landing to Bali, foreigner please to ensure yourself has been filled up for this visa form.
It is representing your entrances to the country of Indonesia. 

After landed to Bali the most believe and amazing places which must go during your lifetime.
Below picture is my first ever dinner at Bali.
It is Famous Babi Guling which contain all the pork tasty parts.
For your information, this portion is big and able to feed two persons, is spicy food. 

Besides that, I just pass by the  massage centre as it is too early and the center has not open yet.
Mostly, all the shops will be operate after 10 o'clock in the morning.

Hindu Temple in Bali. 

My Breakfast and cost me for 50k ruppiah (RM16++). 

Just want to share about this drink, it is a bit same as Malaysia "Teh O'". 

Decoration in front of their temple. (Had a ceremony)

The most wonder souvenir I ever brought back to Malaysia.

Drink in the hot weather... 

Blue Sky with Green Padi field 

My lunch near the Volcano. 
It is buffet based restaurant which all foods are served in balinese based also.
Awesome and I ate so much in this pretty lunch.

The Volcano... 

Me and Volcano... 

Billed  325000 ruppiah (RM110++).

After a pretty lunch with the most pretty view from far.
I had a Luwak Coffee at a forest.
The coffee was not cheap. But you can order 1 cup and share it.
RM10++ for a small cup of Luwak Coffee.

Luwak (Musang) 

Sai Land and not "Psy" Land.

 The weather was not in order which sudden raining heavily.
Below are all the pictures which took in a temple.
Tirta Empul Temple.

Holy water. 


 It's time to massage and with a lot of flavor massage oil.
Strawberry, Green Tea, Milk, Banana, Chocolate and etc.
I can remember others which I am not so interested with it. haha... 

No photography allowed inside the massage centre.
So, if you want to know it, just try the balinese massage at bali.

Nuris which is taking my half an a hour time to reach there from my hotel.
They are serving a super delicious pork ribs in Bali near Ubud areas.

Pork Rib with Mixed Fruit Juice 

After a all day long trips, let have some night drinking session.
Bintang!!! The most wanted beer in Indonesia. 

By the way, I still prefer San Miguel from Philippine. 

Amazing... God

Jati 3 Resort, Ubud which offer nice room and healthy breakfast. 

Jati 3 God. 

Pura Penataran Sasih. 

 After a plenty activities, we had a great dinner at Strawberry Restaurant.
Don't judge a place with their name only.
This place is not serving strawberry and they are just like others restaurant serving a balinese style foods restaurant.


Ulun Danu Temple. 

Tanah Lot 

On the way back to Kuta, Bali.
A steel bridge which can always saw it at Sabah, North Borneo, Malaysia. 

Last dinner for the trip.
Fish, Chicken which eat with their bone together with its meat. 

Krisna is a place where have all souvenir you needs to bring it back and most cheap in bali amongst all places. 

End with a cup of Java Chip Starbucks Coffee. 

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