Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Digi RM50 Promo " Alcatel" Phone

A sudden plan to Pikom PC Fair April 2013. 
A day will be bright by beginning with a big breakfast.
So, I ordered a set breakfast at only RM6.90 at Suria KLCC Food Court.
As below picture. Scramble Egg, Nuts, Bread with Butter and a cup of coffee.

This was so awesome. I get my "Alcatel " phone at only RM50 in Pikom PC Fair April 2013.
It's totally worth and best.
I have used it for few weeks and it doesn't giving me a single problem.
(If you are not a heavy duty user)
This phone is so suits to you.

Anyways, there are few requirements need to be done before you can apply to this phone.
  • must be within 21 to 30 years old.
  • Malaysian citizen.
  • Monthly gross income must not more than RM3000.
Obviously, this phone will be a virgin phone which needed you to call DiGi to get a "Sim ME Lock"  number to unlock it. Its means you can only use DiGi number once you get this phone.

Tips: ||If you bought it||

If you really want to use your current contact number on this phone.
Please dial DiGi helpline ( 016 2211 800 ), helpline will be available 24 hours. 
Provide the Imei code of your phone to the Helpdesk person and to exchange a "Sim ME Lock" of yours Alcatel phone.

"Just in case you forgotten
Please be prepared a piece of paper, a pen and the Imei code.
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