Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Visit to I-City, Shah Alam

If you are planning to pay a visit to I-City, Shah Alam.
This is the right blog you looking for.
I-City was a most biggest technology park which supply wonders of entertainment facilities.
It is consisting of various types of entertainment for children and adults.

Here are the start of this blog.
Sunset picture that I took before go to I-City.

 This ferris wheel will be the trademark of the place which you can saw it from far on the way to I-City.

A simple plateau which allows people to sit down and take a break. 

Some picture review. 

Besides that, I went to Trick Art Museum too.

In additional, I-City have Water Park too, if you feel free.
Please pay a visit which they got the Malaysia very first sliding down on funnel and much more.

Prepare pocket money to go to I-City, Shah Alam.

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