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Week press: 18 July 2011 to 22 July 2011

        18 July 2011: I went to college as usual to my class and then there are no people in the class since the lecturer came into the class at 9.30a.m. Today is the submitting form date of the OCPJ Badminton Tournament 2011. So, I went to walk around see whether got people want to submit their form to me and see who still want to be the last minute register themselves to take part in this tournament. So, there are many people want to be the last minute register for the tournament, but there are no one gonna submit the form on that day to me.Next, I am working stock take in Giant Sungai Way at night time. I am very tired on these few days.

       19 July 2011: As I said, I am working yesterday and I wake up at 12.00a.m. Patrick, Godwin and I needs to go to OCKL and get back all the participant form which represent OCKL to join the OCPJ Badminton Tournament 2011. Moreover, they are telling us non sense which can't be accepted by three of us. We just left there and heading back to home. The afternoon until night time, my friends and I went to play Badminton as a preparation for the tournament.

       20 July 2011: There are only left two more days then is our OCPJ Badminton Tournament, but the only problem is only two team submitted their form and money to us, but others not even submit the form yet. We are struggling do we need to make some adjustment for the match. Anyways, there are no changes in the tournament. That's all.

       21 July 2011: Preparation of Badminton Tournament.

       22 July 2011: I woke up 
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