Thursday, 13 June 2013

A Job: Interview

Before start to work.
Thing never ever least is interview.
Everyone will be attending an interview before they are going to work for the company.

There are few ways that you will be calling to interview, such as:
  1. Refer by friends, family and relatives.
  2. Resume posted on jobstreet.
  3. You have call to ask for a job.

Moreover, something we should prepared for the interview, such as:
  1. Your Resume
  2. Your certificates
  3. Support documents
Besides that, some questions you need to be practice to make yourself confident for the interview.

What, Why, Who, When and How?

What is the work requirement? What?
Why are they should hire you? Why?
Who will be the interviewer? Who?
When is the interview? When?
How to go to the place? How?

If you are ready? Just try it!
Practice makes perfect.
Nobody can helps you, if you not helping yourself.

by AntonyLimBlogspot

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