Friday, 12 July 2013

4 days 3 nights at Bangkok Second Day


This was second day of my Bangkok Trip 2013.
This was the view when I look from my room.
It is awesome and the skyline was so blue in color and the building are so unique.

Actually, hotel room was quite big and able to fit 3 or 4 persons.
But there is only one toilet, so please consider 2 persons a room is always the best choice.

The tallest building at Bangkok City, Baiyoke Sky Hotel.

In the morning and night time there are many mini stalls open around the street near baiyoke.

This is always happen in Bangkok, "Traffic Jam" anytime and anywhere.

Before a full day schedule for visiting, walking and shopping.
Please take some good taste food and hydrate yourself with a fantastic drink like me.
I had a bowl of Herbal Chicken Kuew Teow and a cup of Longan juice.

This longan juice is so fantastic and cheap just 12 baht, you can get a big cup of juice.
(Thumbs up) 

In additional, maybe you can try this as side dish. The crispy tofu and fried pork ball.

So, let's start the whole day journey.
Below picture are the Grand Palace, Wat Phra Keaw. วัดพระแก้ว
Ticket price: 500 baht per person.

Next, will be the Wat Arun just near the river side and you can take a tuk tuk car to reach jetty and take a ferry to Wat Arun. It is only 3 baht per person.

Floating Market

Wat Arun - วัดอรุณ

It is so high and the staircase is so narrow.

Wat Pho - วัดโพธิ์

An action must do at Wat Pho.

From the jetty.

Wat TraiMit - พระพุทธมหาสุวรรณปฏิมากร

Chinatown Bangkok

Pomegranate drink.

The Duty Free King Power Center.
This is a place where you can saw all the Chinese people located and purchase so plenty of things.

Bangkok City view.

It is time for a buffet dinner at level 79 Baiyoke Sky Hotel.
It is almost the top floor of the building.


Shark Fin Soup, Bird Nest Soup and various of dim sum.

Nut with Chicken.

with a dessert.

Night skyline from Baiyoke Sky Hotel 84th Floor.

Baiyoke Floating Market is also a place to have buffet food and feel the floating market at a higher floor.

Night market near Baiyoke and you can found massage center near here too.

Enjoy and don't forget to have a thai massage before go to sleep.

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