Saturday, 13 July 2013

4 days 3 nights at Bangkok Fourth Day


Wait! I got a question.
Where can I buy souvenir at Bangkok?

No worry, no worry...
This post is talking about purchasing souvenir at Bangkok.
The cheapest in Bangkok town, which called as ChatukChak Market(Jatuchak).

Some things caught my sight. It's Burned!
BBQ in the morning! Heavy Breakfast.

Pork fried rice.

Fantastic Handmade Clock

ChatukChak Market with plenty of section and every section got their own characteristics.

PUPPY! So Cute.

Terminal 21.
It is a shopping mall wherelse you can see various country in there.

Cabbages & Condoms Restaurant. Must Go!


Selling it near the street. Sex Toy!

Terminal 21, Bangkok.

Simply the Best.

I purchased so many snacks and souvenir at Bangkok!
How to put all things in my small luggage?

Therefore, it is time to Check Out from our hotel.
Thus, we still have 30 minutes to wait our taxi.
Let's have a pool game. I have won 1 out of 2 games.

We Fly Smiles - Nok Air (We Smile)
Everyone Can Fly - Airasia (We Fly but no Smile)

Don Mueang International Airport

Enjoy yourself in Bangkok with no hassle, hence bring more cash.
Last but not the least, prepare Thai name of the place you want to go as they are recognized Thai words instead of alphabet.

-The End-

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