Friday, 12 July 2013

4 days 3 nights at Bangkok First Day

It's time to enjoy life in Thailand again.
I wished for so long and I bought a flight ticket to Bangkok!

I have planned for a 4 days trip.
Anyways, I only can enjoy the night time for the first day as my flight will be arrived to Bangkok on 11:45 pm(Thailand time). 
If you need a suggestion on the schedule please visit this link. (BANGKOK SCHEDULE)

Be prepared accessories and gears.
Because Bangkok is a place where you can found interest things anywhere and everywhere.
For foreigner as me, I needed to sign a visa and my details for immigration purposes.
Please don't hesitate to ask stewardess. They will assist you how to answer all the questions. 

Upon arrival, there are no hassle and however, you can taxi easily at counter outside of the Don Mueang International Airport. It's cheap and easy.

I spended 3 nights at Baiyoke Boutique Hotel, Bangkok.
It is only took 30 minutes from Don Mueang International Airport to Baiyoke Boutique Hotel.
Besides that, the hotel quite nice and the service quite good too. 

After all, I would like to hunt food at 7 Eleven Thai.
It is because there are so many foods and beverages which selling cheap.
I can't be patient at all and bought so much of foods and drinks. 

Last but not least, hotel prepared mineral water for customer and it is free! (Two bottles per day)
Good Nights...

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