Sunday, 28 July 2013

Responsibilities Ended

Thanks for gave me a chance.
Thanks for everything you all gave it to me.
Thanks for teached me so much.
Thanks Kent, I will always remember you, giving me a chance to work with you and colleagues.

From November 2012 until July 2013, I have did my best for every single case and sincere with everybody. Besides that, I have tendered my resign letter and everyone started asking me why am I leaving them in this time. I am sorry and doesn't know how to react for this question. This question is so hard to be answering. My aim is to work better and trouble supporting for everyone with the best service. No matter you treat me good or bad, you are still my customer and user. 

25th July 2013, Unforgettable date.
Last day in MSIG Insurance (M) Bhd.
Dear Colleagues, I wish you all good luck and keep it up!
Eat-Commerce is not only eat, but we are Warrior represent company to fight for Victory.

Colleagues @ AntonyLimBlogspot
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