Friday, 2 May 2014

Upcoming Post (Pending)

There are few posts will be publishing soon. Stay tuned!!
  1. Hong Kong Trip (Hong Kong & Macau 8 days 7 nights)
  2. Johor Trip (Johor 4 days 3 nights)
  3. Sandakan Trip (Sandakan 4 days 3 nights)

The Feeling

I have been missing for a long time from writing a blog post.
Where have I been?

In the January,
I was went back to my hometown and celebrating 2014 Chinese New Year with all my relatives.
They are so welcome me going back, I have been a long time doesn't feel such warming festive which I have 2 years doesn't celebrating Chinese New Year with relatives and family.
I miss the foods, drinks and also the good people at Sandakan.
North Borneo is really a good place wheres you can find friendly people everywhere.

This is my last dinner at Sandakan for 2014 Chinese New Year. Sedap!!! 

In the February,
It's my birthday month! I like it and I loved it very much.
A good month which I will receiving my bonus! Although, a poor rated, but at least I still have it.
So, I have decided to buy a MacBook Air for myself too which is for work purposely.
I received it just a day after my birthday.

My finger and my pretty MacBook Air 13"!!!

In the March,
I'm joined a fantastic event in the third month of 2014.
A lot of joy and fun with fellow friends as well.
A first time of joining F1 in the Paddock and getting free stuff which cost hundred dollar. :)
Not just getting free gifts and they are serving expensive foods as well.
Friends and I was totally eat, drink and drunk.

The last but not least, in the April,
A month of busyness and it is restless.
I got no time to rest but I enjoyed the tight time schedule which having fun with family and friends.
In the first week, I went back to Sandakan and visit my nephew, he is so cute and fat.
Fortunely, I go back for 清明 purposely and taste all the good foods too.
Moreover, time flies so fast and the road and people life's are changing too. Luckily, I still able to join the festival and hope to catch up all moments with everyone and I don't want miss even one second.

Balin Rooftop Cafe, Sandakan Town

东风螺, Sandakan 

Tea C with a bowl of Deep Fried Pork Dan Gung Mian

Furthermore, my office colleagues has invited me to join them cycling at Taman Bukit Cahaya, Shah Alam. It's my first time joining cycling with them and also my first time cycling in the park.
Can imagine the park is so big until I took about few hours to finish the route.
In additional, I am invited my little junior to follow me and cycling in the park, and I just only know, she's first time cycling has given to me and in Bukit Cahaya, Shah Alam.
We are successful ride up and down in the park with so much sweats.

A sign of Victory!!!

That all... Hope you enjoyed reading.

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