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Upcoming Post (Pending)

There are few posts will be publishing soon. Stay tuned!!
Hong Kong Trip (Hong Kong & Macau 8 days 7 nights)Johor Trip (Johor 4 days 3 nights)Sandakan Trip (Sandakan 4 days 3 nights)

The Feeling

I have been missing for a long time from writing a blog post. Where have I been?
In the January, I was went back to my hometown and celebrating 2014 Chinese New Year with all my relatives. They are so welcome me going back, I have been a long time doesn't feel such warming festive which I have 2 years doesn't celebrating Chinese New Year with relatives and family. I miss the foods, drinks and also the good people at Sandakan. North Borneo is really a good place wheres you can find friendly people everywhere.
This is my last dinner at Sandakan for 2014 Chinese New Year. Sedap!!! 
In the February, It's my birthday month! I like it and I loved it very much. A good month which I will receiving my bonus! Although, a poor rated, but at least I still have it. So, I have decided to buy a MacBook Air for myself too which is for work purposely. I received it just a day after my birthday.
My finger and my pretty MacBook Air 13"!!!
In the March, I'm joined a fantastic event …