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Sandakan 4 days 3 nights Trip (Part 3)

These are the memories that I created and it's such a great time for me, my family and friends.

Third day (PM) We had a lunch at Mile 8, Sandakan. Eventually, we have planned to visit the Sandakan Crocodile Adventure Land, but due to renovation, we had head back to home and take a short break before we go to take a tea break at English Tea House, Sandakan. Please do order their earl gray tea and passion fruit tea, I like it so much. The aroma is so strong and so delicious. If you are visiting Sandakan on the Ramadan month, you can easily found a lot of evening market around Malaysia. There is one at Sandakan Town. The stalls are located in front of Nak Hotel, Sandakan.
After that, we went back home, take a bath and ready for the seafood dinner at Sim Sim 88 Seafood Restaurant which they are offering so much of seafoods and in a very reasonable prices. Please do visit and it is above the sea, so you might listening to the sea wave while eating on top. They are showing Sandakan Town …

Sandakan 4 days 3 nights Trip (Part 2)

Here you go, and do you read the Part 1 yet?

If no, please click into this link PART 1.

Second day...
I have planned a jungle cruise and staying a night at most oldest rainforest in world, Sabah, Borneo. You may subscribed the package through this website MYNE and contact them if you have any questions. Besides this resort, there are few more resort just beside the river. I don't comment on it as I am staying at Myne Resort in this trip. First, you have to reach Sandakan Town before 10a.m to get onto the assigned travel van and the driver will bring you to the resort, the journey to the resort approximate take about 2 hours. Upon arrival, the are serving us a cup of orange juice with a warm welcome greeting. They are so great and friendly.
 The Special Key, I have ever see. Myne Resort Structure  The Chalet @ Myne Resort The Room
After all, we are calling to main hall for our lunch by the reception. The foods are so delicious and the environment are so amazing, you might be able to…