Saturday, 20 September 2014

Hat Yai 4 days 3 night Trip (Part 1)

It's time say "Holiday!!!". Where are we going this time? Let's Thailand, Let's Go Hat Yai...
And so, I am sharing a free and easy trip itinerary for you.

First Day
When the first landed, I am so excited, I'm now in Thailand. Sawasdee Krub...
I took a flight by AirAsia to my destination and the stewardess is always amaze me in term of outlook and their smile. This is my third time going Thailand and it is not the end yet. I book a hotel near Hat Yai town named Aloha Hotel. The environment of the hotel is quite good and better view from other same price range hotel. See!

After we checked in and we decided to have a city tour to buy grocery for these 4 days trip. The first station, you may go to Hat Yai Train Station to have a picture and then go to Robinsons, Odean Shopping Mall, Lee Garden and much more road side stalls. The grocery are selling in good deal and those located at road side you may start bargain the price too. They are fluent in Chinese, Thai, Hokkien and etc. If you knew one of the dialect / language, the bargain is just like making a piece of cake. So easy!

So, you can raise your hand just like stopping a bus, a Tuk Tuk(small taxi) will be stopping and ready to bring you to the next destination which is only open in Friday to Sunday, the "Khlong Hae Floating Market". This place have all stuffs that you needed, foods and beverages as well. If you would like to try a bite for a crunchy insect and this is the place you are looking for.

Can't fill up your stomach in this floating market!? No worry, 7-Eleven Thailand always got cheap foods and very cheap beverages that open 24 hours. We have bought so much of foods that only found in Thailand and start craving in the hotel after the Asean Weekend Market. Asean Market is heaven for youngster which they are selling shirts, shoes, pants, IT gadgets and a lot more.

And there the first day ended.

Second Day
I heard a lot of people said, we must eat Dim Sum at Hat Yai and yet we tried. Moreover, it's doesn't have much different in term of taste, but the price is so cheap. We order so much and it cost us about RM 51.80 only. We cannot blame why are the price of a plate of dim sum so expensive in Malaysia.

Then, we are heading to the first destination, Wat Hat Yai Nai located about 5 minutes away from the town. This sleeping buddha is the 3rd largest in Thailand now.

Next station, the gold sleeping buddha near Ko Yo Island, Songkhla Province.

Do you know, where is the next destination? Yes, you are correct. That is Songkhla, Thailand. So, we are going to Tang Kuan Hill, Samila Beach, Laem Son-On and sunflower field.

Due to the bad weather, we don't have much time to walk around the beach. Samila Beach got the fine sand too, please do visit. After that, we planned to go Magic Eye 3D Museum at Hat Yai town. OMG! There are so much joy and fun with all the painting and it looks so real.

Lastly, we went to eat dinner near road side stall at Lee Garden. I love the Kuew Teow and birdnest bowl, it is so rejuvenate from the hot day. Thailand durian's is so big and not strong aroma. 

Please go and get a thai massage!!! Fantastic in Hat Yai with very low price.

Stay tune for Part 2!!!

Hat Yai 4 days 3 nights Trip Itinerary

31st August 2014 (Sunday)
11:45 AM  Flight “Departure to Hat Yai” (Hat Yai Airport)
12:00 PM   Flight “Arrival to Hat Yai” (Hat Yai Airport)
12:30 PM   Lunch
2:00 PM      Check In Hotel
2:30 PM      Odean Shopping Mall
4:30 PM      Hat Yai Train Station
5:00 PM      Wat Hat Yai Nai (Wat Mahatta Mongkronram)
5:45 PM      Dinner “Khlong Hae Floating Market”
7:30 PM      Asean Trade Center, Green Way Shopping (Closed at 10 PM)

1st September 2014 (Monday)
7:30 AM     Breakfast near Hotel “Khornang Dim Sum”
9:00 AM     Wat Phranon Laem Pho
10:00 AM  Khao Noi
11:00 AM  Khao Tang Kuan “Tang Kuan Hill”
12:00 AM  Lunch
1:00 AM     Samila Beach, Ko Nu (Mouse Island) and Ko Maeo (Cat Island), Khao Kao Seng
2:00 AM     Wat Matchimawat
3:00 AM     Magic Eye 3D Museum
6:00 PM      Dinner
7:00 PM      Central Department Store
10:00 PM   Lee Garden Road Side Night Market

2nd September 2014 (Tuesday)
7:30 AM     Breakfast near Hotel
8:00 AM     Chedi Thaimongkhon Hatyai (Phra Maha Chedi Tripob Trimongkol)
9:00 AM     Hat Yai Cable Car
9:30 AM     Hat Yai Municipal Park “Guan Yin Temple, Happy Buddha, Standing Buddha Complex”
11:00 AM  Hat Yai Ice Dome
12:00 PM   Lunch
1:00 PM      Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn Natural History Museum
2:00 PM      Tesco Lotus Hat Yai
7:00 PM      Lee Garden Buffet Dinner
10:00 PM   Lee Garden Road Side Night Market

3rd September 2014 (Wednesday)
7:30 AM     Breakfast near Hotel (Kim Yong Street)
8:30 AM     Kim Yong Shopping Mall
10:30 AM  Check Out
12:35 PM   Flight “Departure to Kuala Lumpur” (Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2)

2:45 PM      Flight “Arrival to Kuala Lumpur” (Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2)

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