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Ho Chi Minh City 4 days 3 night Trip Itinerary (Part 1)

Happy Holiday 2015!
It's time to travel around the world again! This time I have selected Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam as my destination.
My family and I went there on 14 January - 17 January 2015. The weather seems cloudy and the temperature is 20' - 31' celsius. Please bring along your jacket at night time, the weather is pretty cold. OK!
Let's start the journey... DAY ONE~ 
We took Airasia flight to fly and our captain of the flight is absolute smart, we doesn't feel worry while departing and landing. He is so steady all along the way.

Here are the first view of Ho Chi Minh City, it is so gorgeous...

Tan Son Nhat International Airport, the airport management are only allow the passenger to be stay inside the airport and the rest will only able to stay outside. It is totally different from Malaysia Airport, we can walk around at the check in counter and gossip. Between, I noticed there is one feeling while we are walking out to get a taxi from the arrival hall and we are just like an artist which everybody looking at you & waving their cardboard.

The first sight when you take a taxi and heading to the Ho Chi Minh City. Canon!

Chuc Mung Nam Moi 2015 = Happy New Year 2015

What make me feel happy at the first spot, the pork rice with egg and a bowl of vegetable soup. It is a kind of hometown style & taste. 

After the great lunch, we went back to hotel and check in. In Vietnam, normally the hotel allow customer to check in at 2:00PM, earlier check in may charge in certain amount. If you are planning a trip to HCMC and not sure which hotel to choose? Here I'm recommend you Duc Vuong Hotel, clean, no smoking smell in the room and they have pretty great view rooftop cafe. Last but not least, they greet their customer very well and you will see your name on the announcement board.

Next, let's walk around in the city.
Here are some pictures, I took at the city center with a big globe.

Below picture is a place where you must go when you are at Ho Chi Minh City. 
1. Notre Dame Basilica

2. Saigon Central Post Office
This place still remain the old style architecture and still operating as Saigon Post Office now.

Hot? Very Hot? Diamond Department Store is just beside the two significants building in Ho Chi Minh City. This store facilitate a department store, bowling center, food court and groceries store.

At 6:00PM, we decided to watch a golden puppet show which a must to go. Although they are presenting in Vietnamese, but the action and music will make you feel the culture of Vietnam.

You may find some restaurants around Duc Vuong Hotel such as Kim Cafe, near Pham Ngu Lao.
I have a bad experience and went to a restaurant Hxx Sx. Their services are so bad and not welcoming customers.

We have book a tour to Cu Chi Tunnel on today. So we woke up earlier at 6:30PM and take our first breakfast at 7th floor Duc Vuong Hotel. Below image is the city view from the restaurant.

Then, we took about one hour 45 minutes car ride to Cu Chi Tunnel from HCMC. On the way, there is a stop by a handicraft factory to see how the vietnamese make craft by using egg shell and sea shell.

The meeting room and now as a place to watch television.

Please try this, it is so fun. The hole is small but also can fit fat people. Thumbs up!

Tank left over by American, may still conquer the gun shot hole.

Vietnamese really clever to make trap, sure die once you get into it.

The bomb maker room.

Missile loaded and shot!!!

You must try this, the gun shot are so amazing. 1 missile = RM 5.1

Besides that, this aunt is making rice paper and it is so delicious.

While in the tunnel, cold and dark.

Ubi Kayu found in Vietnam and mixed with the peanut sauce are super nice.

Exhibit of missile and some are taller than me! 

After that, we are having lunch on Saigon River. 

Next, we are heading back to HCMC and take a rest at hotel.

At night we are having dinner just near the Ben Thanh Market and ready to shop at the Ben Thanh Night Market, you may found those stuffs selling in a higher price. But please do not stop the bargain process as you may get 70% discount from the original price. Noted it?

How to get a taxi back to hotel? You may found so many taxi near the entrance of Ben Thanh Market and there you go. For your information, beware of scam as there are so many taxi driver wan to earn more money. You may find these two brands taxi "Vinasun" & "Mailinh", the price for "Vinasun" start 12000 dong and "Mailinh" will charge 10000 dong.

The night is still young, you may walk around the shop or bar near Pham Ngu Lao or Bui Vien street.

Stay tune for the Part 2(Day THRee and DAY FouR)... :)
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