Sunday, 10 May 2015

Recent activity of mine (近期活动)

It's been a while I am missing to travel and busy on my office work. There are so much of obstacles that I have been went through and it's been so much of work until I can't even sleep on time everyday. The working life is begin on November 2012 and it was 3 years ago. I have never think I can stand for so long and yet this is just a beginning of my life. So, let's make my life more beautiful and wonderful by gaining more knowledges and experiences through travel and communication.

Actually, I just came back from a trip to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia, Borneo and I'm gained a great achievement right there on climb to the peak of Mount Kinabalu which is the highest mountain in South East Asia(SEA). This achievement is not achieve on June 2007 but I gave myself another chance to try and climb again on May 2015, and I'm made it! However we can only stay on the peak of the mountain for 1 hours after the sun rise. Word always can't describe more than a picture, so let's view the pictures below.

 The mighty Mount Kinabalu, Sabah

 Gorgeous View

Everybody wish to take a picture with this board to present you really reach to the peak.

Besides that, I went to South Korea on March 2015. The trip to South Korea was extremely best and I wish to bring along my family to there as well. In term of food, beverage, people, environment, transport and air quality, they are the best among Asian country. I have never enjoy my time in a train station, but if you are in the South Korea train station and you will be amaze by their way of route or the train arriving music. Nevertheless, kimchi is awesome and can't be miss out for every meals that e had there. Let's plan another one on 2017. Besides that, lets view the pictures that I took in Korea trip.

Manjunggul Cave in Jeju Island, South Korea 

Acting as a Korean

Jump shoot in Nami Island, South Korea

Haeundae Beach in Busan, South Korea 

For your information, I will be posting the itinerary for my South Korea and Kota Kinabalu trip on next week. So, please stay tune and for more information, please left a comment here or email to me at

Thanks and stay healthy. Happy Mother's Day 2015!
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