Sunday, 8 November 2015

Back to Sandakan, Sabah (November)

Hey, I'm back. You might have been waiting for a long time for my new post.
Are you travelling to Sandakan? If yes, this post might be useful for you as I will describe some nice food for you that you may found it at Sandakan.

Let's start, the first place you may visit and it is Sandakan Airport. The airport is renovated on end of 2014, but the main colourful wall was demolish.

Upon the arrival, it was about 9:15AM as I took the very first flight of the day and then we straight head to 白沙湾市. It is located near Sandakan Cineplex Cinema. The very famous curry mee soup and it is my favourite curry mee hoon.
  • Restaurant Tsui Wah at 白沙湾市

After the breakfast, I am so tired and headed back home to take a break. By the way, you may visit the english tea house in the afternoon time for a tea break. I woke up at 5PM and the dinner is served, it is all about seafood.
  • Sandakan Seafood

Sandakan really a seafood paradise which you can find any type of seafood in every single corner. What are you waiting for? Go and eat it! By the way, do not miss the chance to get up to the rooftop of Nak Hotel near by HSBC building at Sandakan Town. There is a cafe called Balin Roof Garden Bar & Bistro. You may enjoy the nightlight of the town and enjoying with the wind.
  • Balin Roof Garden Bar & Bistro, Nak Hotel at Sandakan Town

The second breakfast of the trip is the Sandakan owned century egg seafood dumpling.
  • Century Egg Dumpling at Bandar Indah "美丽园"

Then, you may head to the Puu Jih Shi near Jalan Leila. It is located at the top of a hill and you may see it clearly at Bandar Nam Tung. After a short break near the temple, please visit the Sandakan Nam Chai Seafood bah kut teh at Bandar Nam Tung.
  • Restaurant Nam Chai Bah Kut Teh, Bandar Nam Tung
After enjoying the best seafood bah kut teh, you may head back to town or Sepilok Orang Utan Rehabilitation Centre and enjoy the rest of your afternoon session. It's time for a break before dinner time.
  • Satay Stall, Sandakan Town
  • Restaurant Seafood Sim Sim 88, Sim Sim Water Village

Third day breakfast will be.
  • Fish Ball and Century Egg Dumpling, Prima Square

As I hang around the hypermall and shopping around, so I did not take any pictures.
At night mom did a great job and cook a lot of nice food for us to eat.

Miss my family so much... :'( 
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