Saturday, 24 December 2016

Heart break? Want to cry? Read This!

It’s okay.

It’s okay if you’re lying on your bed right now, staring blankly at the ceiling, and about to cry. For the past years, all you ever try to do is to figure out how you’ll go about your life. You think that almost everyone around you has figured out theirs, and you’re just there, trying not to mess up with whatever you have.

You think you’re already doing it right and then for whatever reason, something comes up and you start to blame yourself for it. You know you should have done better, you should have handled it differently, but then again, of course, you would think that you didn’t.

I know you’re just scared. You’re scared because you think you’re never good enough. You’re scared because you see other people your age already doing well and you’re not even halfway good. You’re scared because you think about what others will say about you. You’re scared to end up failing. You’re scared that once they see how much of a failure you are, people will start to leave you, even those who once believed in you. You’re scared, and I understand.

But let me tell you this: You’ll make it. I swear, you will.

So if you feel like crying right now, it’s okay, go ahead and cry. I know you feel like a mess at this moment, but hey, everyone messes up sometimes. So hon, it’s okay to feel lost. Because I know you’ll eventually find your way out. It’s okay if right now you feel like you’re not the person you’re supposed to be, because I know that you’ll figure it out one day.

It’s okay if you feel like you’ve failed yourself and the people you love a lot of times already. One day, after all the tries and failures and cries, you’ll finally make it. And you’ll see that the people who love you never lost their faith in you.

So at it this point, I am asking you to not give up—never. Your heart may feel heavy right now and your mind may have thousands of thoughts inside, but you have to keep going. You have to, no matter how scary and much of a struggle it may be. I am proud that you found the strength to read this because that means that you’re trying to tell yourself that you can do this through all of these words. So if there are times that you feel like you’re about to just turn around and give it all up, remember this: You are not a failure. You are on your way. You’ll be proud of yourself someday.

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It's Christmas again... 24 December 2016

It's almost the end of 2016.
What are you waiting for? It's Christmas and does you miss out something that you might regret later?

Do wait anymore!

Are you feeling missing now?
Are you missing someone in your life?
Are you trying to miss the chance to tell her/him?
Are you waiting for a good timing?

Are you?

There is no way to say it is a great timing. Don't wait as time won't help you to growth.
But you will growth when you step out the first step, right now.

Do you?

2016 is going to end within  7 days.
We are no longer rewind and revert.

Let's move it, move yourself and don't regret on your first step.

Stay Tuned...

Sunday, 4 December 2016

韓國 首爾 22K 吃喝玩乐

馬來西亞 沙巴 22K 吃喝玩乐

泰國 22K 吃喝玩乐

Hanwoori Korean Restaurant, Ampang (Rating: 7/10)

Location: Direction
Operating time: Everyday 10:30AM–3PM, 5:30–10:30PM


Stay tuned and see you there...

Taipei & TaiChung (9 days Trip) Itinerary

Day 1
陽明山花鐘 → 竹子胡海芋 → 零距離接觸草泥馬 → 黃金瀑布 → 九份老街巡禮 → 十分施放幸福天燈 → 住宿烏來溫泉民宿景觀

Day 2
烏來出發 → 薰衣草森林(明德店→ 中社花園 → 梧棲漁港 → 大坑紙箱王 → 逢甲夜市 → 住宿逢甲米爾居

Day 3
逢甲出發 → 彩虹眷村 → 天長地久橋 → 奮起湖體驗吃鐵路便當 → 阿里山國家森林公園 → 住宿阿里山阿里山櫻山大飯店

Day 4
阿里山出發 → 搭小火車上祝山觀賞日出與雲海 → 阿里山森林保護區(神木區﹑受鎮宮﹑姐妹潭等景點)→ 塔塔加夫妻樹 → 日月潭文武廟各景點(搭船環湖)→ 住宿清境佳美度假山莊

Day 5
清境出發 → 青青草原 → 武嶺 → 合歡山→ 太魯閣國家公園各景點 → 住宿花蓮石頭的家彩繪

Day 6
花蓮出發 → 七星潭 → 清水斷崖 → 南方澳海鮮 → 南方澳南天宮金身玉身媽祖廟 → 住宿台北囍門

Day 7
台北出發 → 中正紀念堂 → 漁人碼頭 → 淡水老街 → 台北101 → 饶河夜市 → 住宿台北囍門

Day 8
台北出發 → 五分埔 → 西门町 → Sogo Mall → 台北101 → 士林夜市 → 住宿台北囍門

Day 9
Return to Malaysia...

Sunday, 13 November 2016

Pulau Ketam Day Trip (12 Nov 2016)

Want to travel to Pulau Ketam, Klang.
The only way to make yourself there is to take a boat in Port Klang. By the way, your car may park at Complex Dato's Shaari Jihin.

Location: Direction

After you have park your car in the carpark, you may proceed to south port and purchase the ticket to Pulau Ketam. There are two counters selling the boat ticket. The speed boat cost at RM 10 for 20 minutes rides and slow boat cost at RM 8 for 45 minutes rides.

We took the slow boat as this was our first time travelling to this island. You may follow the people and walk through the bridge to board the boat.

The boat is a small boat and they have on board entertainment as well.

You may take picture along the way to Pulau Ketam as there might have something inspire you.

We are disembark from the boat and the jetty is so windy until you will love the environment so much.

Pollution is anywhere near the village and I hope the villages can be responsible on it. If they do not take care of it, so who else will do.

The lucky bike is available anywhere near the entrance of the village.

This street is most happening street in Pulau Ketam and so called the main street for local and foreigner for foods, shops and etc.

Keep Pulau Ketam Clean

The village view. 

There are so many restaurants in Pulau Ketam. You may try Remember Seafood Restaurant.

Taste: 6/10
Price: $$$
Location: Direction

Never the least, take a picture with this board to show you are here as a foot print.

The timetable of boat.

This picture is taken near South Port, Klang.

What are you waiting for? Just travel there and look see look see...

Stay tuned... wait for the next post...

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