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Melaka One Day Trip Itinerary "BUDGET BELOW RM 100"

This time is Malacca. Let's go there and enjoy the ambience and hot weather. SWEAT~
We are travelling from Petaling Jaya to Melaka and the road trip is about 2 hours from PJ.
2 hours later, and for sure you will see this banner anywhere in Melaka. Don't Mess with Melaka

Based on the research, there are so many of people talking about Melaka Desert. It is located in the Pantai Klebang and you may find the entrance to the 1Malaysia tower.

Based on my experience, please bring an umbrella and put sun block on or else you will have the sunburn. STATION 1 - Melaka Desert, Pantai Klebang

After the sunburn activity, let drink the most refreshing beverage the original coconut shake and some snacks. The highlight, you must eat the lekor. STATION 2 - Coconut Shake and Malay Kuih Snacks

Taiwan 9 days Trip Itinerary Part 2 - Day 3 to Day 5