Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Systems, Applications & Products (SAP) implementation Activity Plan

There are 5 major activities need to be go throughout the lifecycle of SAP implementation process. Let summarize of all of the activities that form the SAP implementation process.
Project Preparation
There are 2 sub-activity process in project preparation.
  1. Sketh solution vision - To understand a solution state of the future state of the SAP solution, to sketch a design that meets both business and financial requirements. The focus should be on the company’s core business and how the SAP solution will better enable that core business to be successful. Some of the guidance and key requirements for how to put together an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and SAP business case for Return on Investment (ROI), business benefit, and success includes focusing on competitive pressures, value propositions, and how the solution enables success.
  2. Design and initially staff the SAP TSO - Design and staff the key positions of the SAP Technical Support Organization (TSO), the organization that is charged with addressing, designing, implementing and supporting the SAP solution.
Sizing and Blueprinting
There are 8 sub-activity process in sizing and blueprinting.
  1. Perform cost of ownership analysis - Perform a cost of ownership analysis to determine how to get the best business solution for the least money. For example, to determine where and when the costs are incurred within the context of the solution stack.
  2. Identify high availability and disaster recovery requirements - To determine all high availability and disaster recovery (DR) requirements, to plan what to do with later downtime of the SAP system.
  3. Engage SAP solution stack vendors - Select the best SAP hardware and software technology partners for all layers and components of the solution stack, based on a side-by-side sizing comparison.
  4. Staff TSO - Staff the bulk of the TSO. For example, fill the positions that directly support the objectives of the implementation, which are to develop and begin installation/implementation of the SAP data center.
  5. Execute training - Train the various members of the SAP TSO, like data center specialists, high availability specialist and network specialists and train the end-users to give all the required SAP knowledge and skills.
  6. Setup SAP Data Center - Build a new SAP data center facility or transform the current data center into a foundation capable of supporting the solution stack.
  7. Perform installations - Install the SAP components and technological foundations like a web application server or enterprise portal.
  8. Round out support for SAP - Identify and staff the remaining TSO roles. For example, roles that relate to helpdesk work and other such support providing work.
Functional Development
There are 3 sub-activity process in functional development.
  1. Change Management - Develop a planned approach to the changes in the organization. The objective is to maximize the collective efforts of all people involved in the change and minimize the risk of failure of implementing the changes related to the SAP implementation.
  2. Address SAP systems and operations management - Create a foundation for the SAP systems management and SAP computer operations, by creating a SAP operations manual and by evaluating SAP management applications.
  3. Perform functional, integration and regression tests - Test the SAP business processes, by executing functional tests to ensure that business processes work, integration tests to ensure that the organization’s business processes work together with other business processes and regression tests to prove that a specific set of data and processes yield consistent and repeatable results.
Final Preparation
There are 2 sub-activity process in Final Preparation.
  1. Perform systems and stress tests - Plan, script, execute and monitor stress test, to see if the expectations of the end users, defined in service level agreements, will be met.
  2. Prepare for cutover - Plan, prepare and execute the cutover, by creating a cutover plan that describes all cutover tasks that have to be performed before the actual go-live.
After the 4 major activities, so the Go Live and to turn on the system for the end users.

Thursday, 13 July 2017

Cambodia Solo Trip - Trip Itinerary 3 days 2 nights "LESS THAN USD 150" - DAY 3

Do you have read Day 2 post? If no, please CLICK HERE FOR DAY 2 to navigate yourself there.

The last day of the trip and will be sad as we will miss the very great Angkor area. I really like this place and they are always covered with the blue sky and white cloud.

No wonder the people in the country is so nice too. 

I really like their culture and the understanding of life in Cambodia. They are kind and humble of themselves of being the third class world but yet they treat everyone the same. You will see they always happy in just having you be their guest.

As the flight departure at 2:55 pm. So, the day will be a short time travelling around Siem Reap, Cambodia. I planned to walk around the Psar Chaa in the city centre.

After the walk and I decided to take the last lunch in Pub Street. Khmer Kitchen Restaurant

So, this marks the end of the trip... Thanks for reading my blog and hope these can help you to plan your's future Siem Reap trip.

I would share you some of my photos took in Siem Reap during my trip.

By the way, I will stop the third-day post... and this will be the end of my trip to Siem Reap.

Cambodia Solo Trip - Trip Itinerary 3 days 2 nights "LESS THAN USD 150" - DAY 2

Do you have read Day 1 post? If no, please CLICK HERE FOR DAY 1 to navigate yourself there.

Second day will be the best part of the trip as you may be the actual temple run game character in the temple around Angkor area. Playing the game is easy but treating yourself to go there will be hard as you have to get a USD 37 per person for daily pass (Tips: you may get 3 days pass for USD 62 per person also). 

You must keep this ticket safely and without misplaced it anywhere, because they will check your ticket anyways when you entering the temple.

So, please ensure yourself book a trip in your hotel or guesthouse a day before and they will get you a bus or van. Then drive you to the ticket counter to buy a ticket and send you to all the temples. 

Let's start the tour at 4:15 am...

Once you obtained the ticket and so the bus will heads toward the Angkor area. The main purpose of the trip will be highlighted in this moment as all you want is Angkor Wat and the picture that will surprise or amaze every single person.

I can't show you all the pictures that I had in the temple but for sure you already amazed by these pictures. Nothing is impossible and nothing can be failed if you put your effort. Why I say so? In the temple, I can really saw those Khmer Empire people really protect and believe in their God! Do what you can, Do what you think is correct and you deserve your hard work.

The second temple of the day is Bayon Temple or known as the Smiling Buddha temple that the king build as a buddha temple for himself.

To conclude the temple of smiling buddha, the temple really creating a good architecture and the meaning of the four faces buddha is represent the charity, compassion, sympathy, and equanimity. The temple also consist of a wall of history for the Khmer Empire on how they fight the malay during the war in the Kingdom of Cambodia during previous time.

After the two temples, we stopped by a restaurant near the king lake or swimming pool to have our lunch.

Do you watch tomb raider previously? If you do, then you will know this temple known as Angkor Thom.

Angkor Thom is build for the king's mother and it is smaller than Bayon temple. But it is leave unused for years and a lot of giant trees grown around the temple. So, the trees are making the temple become one of the best combination of architecture and the environment. Like it and don't hate tree as they gives us oxygen and life.

The tour will be ending at 2 pm and they will send you back to the hotel. So, you may enjoy the swimming pool in the hotel or take a bath then take a nap to recharge yourself for the rest of night and party!

By the way, I will stop the second-day here and please wait for the third-day post...

See you in next post.... CLICK HERE FOR DAY 3

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