Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Cambodia Solo Trip - Hotel / Guest House "LESS THAN USD 27 per night" through booking.com

It's time to travel around the world again.
What do you think for your next trip? Don't worry and no hurry...

You may think of a historical country which is Cambodia, Kingdom of Cambodia.
You still can't understand where is this place? Let me show you a picture of the awesome temple.

Foreseen you will understand and without further do, let me introduce you the hotel and guesthouse I stay on my trip to Cambodia.

The guest house is super and the bar table just beside a swimming pool. Sometimes in Saturday, they will organize a fun pool party for the guest with absolutely cheap liquor.

I paid USD 27 per night without a breakfast package and they will provide you 2 tickets, 1 is 50% discount for your breakfast and then a free beer ticket in their bar. Let me show you some room pictures.

The environment is fantastic and good location. 

The hotel is very nice and the bed is soft and comfortable. If you would like to stay in the hotel for the entire morning and without doing anything, this is really good for you to relax in the hotel.

By the way, you will find out the sunrise will be just in front of your windows and sunset will be seen on the balcony of the hotel. So, you can stay here for all. This hotel cost me just USD 9.90 per night. Show you some pictures of the hotel.

So, here you go... What are you waiting for? Faster go buy your ticket and book your room through www.booking.com to get your fantastic discount.

See you and happy holiday! 😝
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