Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Cambodia Solo Trip - Trip Itinerary 3 days 2 nights "LESS THAN USD 150" - DAY 1

What do you think when a trip just cost you USD 150 in South East Asia?
Why we use USD in this place? They didn't have their own currency?

Good question! The USD is generally used in Siem Reap, Cambodia and they do have a currency that belongs to their own which named as "Reil". But people would like to use USD instead.

No worry and I will make a simple calculation for you before showing you the itinerary.

USD 1 = 4000 Cambodian Reil

It's so easy after knowing about the calculation and so you won't be cheated anyways.
There is another trick about the beverages charges will be similar to Thailand, the drinking water is slightly expensive than beer in the country. So, you may take 2 beers equal to a bottle of drinking water. (Tips: the roadside smoothie and the bottled juice will be better, it's cost USD 1 - USD 1.5)

Day 1

Based on my itinerary, I reached to Siem Reap International Airport at 8 am.

After the immigration and documentation process, the time will be 8:30 am as the airport arrival gate is not much to hunt and you will proceed to get a tuk-tuk for USD 9 (Tips: usually USD 5 from the city). So, this is a place where you may changes your big USD notes to small notes as the town shop or stall will prefer the smaller notes.

The tuk-tuk experience will take 20 minutes drives from the airport to the city area. (Tips: the driver will actually transfer some knowledge to you and asking whether you want to have a tour with him or not, you may reject it as that will be pricey like USD 50)
So, I took the tuk-tuk to the guest house and drop my baggage in the storage and take my first brunch in Cambodia.

I will suggest the first stop to visit the Cambodia Culture Village for the day until evening.
You may spend your day with the warm greeting from them and a lot of culture performance on going there too. Click Here to see more

Next, once finished the warm greeting and let go to eat your dinner near the pub street.
I am trying to find the best restaurant named Genevieve's Restaurant. But unluckily they are closed for the day and I went to another highly rating restaurant called Navi Khmer Kitchen to try the Khmer foods.

Foods with Mixed Fruit Smoothie
Fried Spring Roll
Fish Amok

 After the great meal that fills with Cambodian taste buds. Let's move to Pub Street and have some beers.

 By the way, I will stop the first-day here and please wait for the second-day post...

See you in next post.... CLICK HERE FOR DAY 2
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