Thursday, 13 July 2017

Cambodia Solo Trip - Trip Itinerary 3 days 2 nights "LESS THAN USD 150" - DAY 2

Do you have read Day 1 post? If no, please CLICK HERE FOR DAY 1 to navigate yourself there.

Second day will be the best part of the trip as you may be the actual temple run game character in the temple around Angkor area. Playing the game is easy but treating yourself to go there will be hard as you have to get a USD 37 per person for daily pass (Tips: you may get 3 days pass for USD 62 per person also). 

You must keep this ticket safely and without misplaced it anywhere, because they will check your ticket anyways when you entering the temple.

So, please ensure yourself book a trip in your hotel or guesthouse a day before and they will get you a bus or van. Then drive you to the ticket counter to buy a ticket and send you to all the temples. 

Let's start the tour at 4:15 am...

Once you obtained the ticket and so the bus will heads toward the Angkor area. The main purpose of the trip will be highlighted in this moment as all you want is Angkor Wat and the picture that will surprise or amaze every single person.

I can't show you all the pictures that I had in the temple but for sure you already amazed by these pictures. Nothing is impossible and nothing can be failed if you put your effort. Why I say so? In the temple, I can really saw those Khmer Empire people really protect and believe in their God! Do what you can, Do what you think is correct and you deserve your hard work.

The second temple of the day is Bayon Temple or known as the Smiling Buddha temple that the king build as a buddha temple for himself.

To conclude the temple of smiling buddha, the temple really creating a good architecture and the meaning of the four faces buddha is represent the charity, compassion, sympathy, and equanimity. The temple also consist of a wall of history for the Khmer Empire on how they fight the malay during the war in the Kingdom of Cambodia during previous time.

After the two temples, we stopped by a restaurant near the king lake or swimming pool to have our lunch.

Do you watch tomb raider previously? If you do, then you will know this temple known as Angkor Thom.

Angkor Thom is build for the king's mother and it is smaller than Bayon temple. But it is leave unused for years and a lot of giant trees grown around the temple. So, the trees are making the temple become one of the best combination of architecture and the environment. Like it and don't hate tree as they gives us oxygen and life.

The tour will be ending at 2 pm and they will send you back to the hotel. So, you may enjoy the swimming pool in the hotel or take a bath then take a nap to recharge yourself for the rest of night and party!

By the way, I will stop the second-day here and please wait for the third-day post...

See you in next post.... CLICK HERE FOR DAY 3

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