Tuesday, 19 December 2017

[DAILY BLOG 2] ROADTAX Renewal as easy as a click!

Are you from Malaysia?
Yes and you may continue.

Are you struggling on renewing your road tax?
Yes, you must continue.

Are you looking for a solution?
Yes please, you absolutely must continue.

There are 2 options.
1. Online renewal
2. Offline renewal

Both renewal options are required to renew the insurance at first else you may get their assistance to help you on the insurance renewal with their associated insurance company. If you wish not to follow them, you can purchase by yourself before going to them.

Online Renewal
The company made this so easy as just a click from the internet. Surf the website https://www.myeg.com.my  and sign up an account for yourself. 
Then click on the Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalan logo and "Road Tax Renewal".
There you go... 
You must have insurance before proceeding this step as I said.

Offline renewal
Do you heard of Poslaju? If yes, they are not doing post your mail and now they are helping people to renew road tax as well. Do visit one of their office and get their assistance to renew your road tax. The payment is made on the spot and they are not accepting credit card, so please make sure you bring enough cash. They road tax is printed on the spot as well. Renew your road tax as easy as a click!

There you go... 
You must have insurance before proceeding this step as I said.

That's all for the post.
Stay tuned for more posting...

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