Tuesday, 9 January 2018

[FOOD] BAKO Puchong [韩国BBQ烤肉]

最近经过Bandar Puteri Puchong,一定会发现楼上多了一粒大光球,原来Sri Petaling超火红的BAKO韩国BBQ烤肉餐厅已经在Puchong开分店啦,老板从韩国釜山带来了很多限量版海报、古董摆设和灯饰,可以拍照打卡,又可以吃到韩国最潮、最流行的美食😋!如果和朋友一起聚餐,推荐6-8人份的BBQ Party Set,一个套餐就包含花肉、猪颈肉、猪肋、芝士Fondue、海鲜年糕锅、辣味炸鸡翅、甜味炸鸡翅、Bibimbap、海鲜Pancake、泡菜汤、DIY饭团和各类小菜,还有半粒西瓜酒、冰茶和4罐Hite啤酒,超丰富、超豪华💪!圣诞节期间,只要点大份的薯条炸鸡,就送一粒可以放照片的礼物球,只要4女同行,还送你一份抹茶红豆Bingsu(价值RM16.80)哦,今天就去吃潮流韩国大餐吧🇰🇷
Recently, the original Sri Petaling BAKO Korean barbecue restaurant has opened branches in Puchong. Boss brought a lot of limited edition posters from Busan, South Korea. Decoration and lighting, you can take a photo. If you want to have dinner with your friends, we recommend BBQ Party Set for 6-8 people. One course includes pork, pork neck, pork ribs, cheese Fondue, seafood rice cakes pan, hot chicken wings, sweet fried chicken wings, Bibimbap, Seafood Pancake, kimchi soup, DIY rice balls and all kinds of side dishes, as well as a watermelon wine, ice tea and 4 cans of Hite beer, super-rich, super-luxury! During Christmas, just order a large portion of the fries and send a gift ball for photos. Just 4 female colleagues you get a free Baked Red Bean Bingsu (valued at RM16.80). Eat today Trendy Korean dinner bar!

 点BBQ Premium Set,就送2罐Hite啤酒;点BBQ Family Set,就送3罐Hite啤酒;点BBQ Party Set,就送4罐Hite啤酒!
 每天中午(12pm-3pm)还提供30种专为上班族量身定做的Korean Set Lunch哦! 

 As long as 4 female, a Matcha red bean Bingsu is free for you (worth RM16.80)!
 Order a BBQ Premium Set and 2 cans of Hite beer is free for you. Order BBQ Family Set and 3 cans of Hite beer is free for you. Order the BBQ Party Set and 4 cans of Hite beer is free

 Everyday noon (12 pm-3pm) also offers 30 kinds of Korean Set Lunch specifically for office workers Oh!
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-Restaurant Location-
Location:30-1, Jalan Puteri 1/2, Bandar Puteri, 47100 Puchong New Village, Selangor.
Telephone:03-8051 0310
Operating Hour:12pm-11pm(Monday to Thursday);12pm-11:30pm(Friday to Sunday)
 Sri Petaling
Location:No. 2, (1st Floor) Jalan Radin Bagus 7, Bandar Baru Sri Petaling, 57000 Petaling Jaya.
Telephone:03-9054 5388
Operating Hour:12pm-11pm(Monday to Thursday);12pm-11:30pm(Friday to Sunday)
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