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[FOOD] Sola Fish Market Korean Cuisine

还可以吃到活生生的章鱼!一家专吃海鲜的韩国烧烤屋!韩国有的不只是泡菜!韩国还有琳琅满目的海鲜料理!吉隆坡出现了这么一个叫做【Sola Fish Market】的海鲜市场!他们将大部分韩国人都爱吃的海鲜都带到来了这里,让您不用出国也可以吃到新鲜无比的海鲜!超多种的海鲜种类让大家选择!这才是真正的海鲜市场、真正的海鲜潮圣地! 向各位推荐几道你万万不能错过的海鲜料理!
You can also eat live octopus! A South Korean barbecue house specializing in seafood! Korean kimchi! South Korea also has an assortment of seafood dishes! There was such a seafood market in Kuala Lumpur called Sola Fish Market! They bring seafood that most Koreans love to eat to here, so you can eat fresh seafood without going abroad! Super variety of seafood species for everyone to choose! This is the real seafood market, the real seafood! Recommended to you and cannot be missed the seafood dishes!

《Spicy Stir Octopus with korean noodles》就是要吃辣!喜欢吃辣的朋友们可以试一试这一道辣酱炒章鱼,再配上口感极佳的韩国面条。多汁弹牙的章鱼吃进嘴里非常有嚼劲!超级赞!
《Live Octopus》活章鱼也是韩国人餐桌上常见的料理之一!想不想感受一下活章鱼在你嘴里蹦蹦跳跳、在你味蕾上面不断翻滚的感觉?Sola Fish Market 提供了新鲜又活跃的活章鱼,让你可以体验到章鱼的生命力到底有多强!
你知不知道 “烤” 不但可以让海鲜的香味更突出,还可以锁住海鲜的原汁原味呢!【Sola Fish Market】推出了Grilled Shell Set,让您在一个套餐里面吃到多种不同种类的贝类海鲜,绝对超值!经过慢火烤了一轮之后的贝类不但更香,贝类的原汁原味更是完整的被锁住,好吃的不得了!
《晶莹剔透的大比目鱼 Halibut 生鱼片》!三文鱼片吃得多,但是这个Halibut生鱼片你或许没有品尝过哦!大比目鱼 Halibut 生鱼片透明的颜色非常迷人!晶莹剔透的生鱼片在你眼前闪闪发亮,还没吃口水就已经流满地了!
"Spicy Stir Octopus with korean noodles" is to eat spicy! If you like spicy can try the hot sauce fried octopus, coupled with excellent taste of Korean noodles. Succulent tooth octopus eat into the mouth very chewy! Super good!
Live Octopus is also one of the most popular dishes on the Korean table! Want to feel live octopus bounce in your mouth, the feeling of rolling constantly above your taste buds? Sola Fish Market offers fresh and lively live octopus, so you can experience the vitality of octopus!
Do you know that "roasted" can not only make the flavor of seafood more prominent, you can also lock the original taste of seafood too! Sola Fish Market introduces Grilled Shell Set, which allows you to enjoy a wide variety of shellfish in one set! After a slow roasted round of shellfish is not only more fragrant, shellfish original flavor is completely locked, delicious!
Halibut Sashimi "Crystal Halibut!" Salmon fillets eat more, but you probably have not tasted this Halibut sashimi! Halibut Sashimi Halibut transparent color is very attractive! Crystal clear sashimi shining in front of you, have not eaten saliva has been full!
韩国烧酒大优惠!!!吃韩国料理怎么可以没有韩国烧酒呢?如今,【Sola Fish Market】以买二送一的烧酒大优惠!尽情地畅饮!把烧酒都喝进肚子里!
Korean Shochu big discount! ! ! How can I eat Korean food without Korean shochu? Today, [Sola Fish Market] to buy two get one free shochu big discount! Enjoy yourself! Shochu drink into the stomach!

1. Spicy Stir Octopus with Korean noodles Rm80
2. Halibut Rm250/350/450
3. Live Octopus Rm80
4. Seafood Set Stew Rm100
5. Grilled Shell Set Rm100/200/300
6. Steamed Shell Set Rm100/200/300

Restaurant name : Sola Fish Market
Facebook Link :
Operating Hour: Monday - Sunday 5:00pm~5:00am (No OFF Day)
Telephone no.: 014-306 1265
Restaurant Location: No 9 Jalan Solaris 3 Solaris Mont Kiara 50480 Kuala Lumpur. 

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